Just Keep Going, World!

It’s just that time in life where there is a lot of negativity around us. Worldwide!!! Race relations and the social history of human beings and all the various groupings have always been an issue. But, to be also in the midst of a global pandemic, to top it off, is just too much.

I‘ve been taking quarantine quite seriously. Even after the quarantine laws have been slightly lifted, I still find myself indoors. The plus side... (for me there are always plus sides. This thing called life, is one big plus side)...I’ve learned a lot during this quarantine. I’ve picked up hobbies such as drawing, growing plants, cooking and exercising.

As equally as I love all my new found recreational activities, I must say, the exercise and cooking really do it for me. They go hand-in-hand so well. The effects have been really apparent also! I have 6 pack abs, with muscular arms and rounded shoulders. Now, the diet is more important than the actual exercising, that’s a fact, Jack!!! But the exercising does all the sculpturing. The body is Our Canvas and We are the Artists.

I created WWW.JKG.WORLD as a health and fitness platform to share with the world to show what can be achieved when you just keep pushing for your dreams. It’s very easy to give up. As modern day human beings, we sometimes seem to opt for that decision, rather than stick it out for the long run. Strong Will-Power will get you to places where the privileged usually are. It’s not that they are more deserving than you are, no, not at all. They just had an alternative (easier) avenue to the same destination. So it’s all very possible, so long as you Just Keep Going!...which is the moto and what the JKG abbreviation stands for...Just Keep Going.

Lets journey together.